Every month we pick out a few folks who’ve said nice things about us and send them a little thank you gift.
Some may say that’s a bribe. We don’t think anyone will be less than truthful just to get a $5.00 freebie.
Afterall, everyone knows fishermen never exaggerate.

October 20, 2017
From Jerry Garrett, FL

“I bought a $49.00 spin-casting setup from Dick’s Sporting Goods. It fell apart on me after a month of moderate use. A fishing buddy told me about Rumblefish. I bought a very swee Qunatum spinning reel and rod for $39.95. Retial on it was over $80 and the best price I could find on the web was $56.00. Even with shipping it was far less than I would have paid anywhere else.”

October 18, 2017
From Frank Wilich, NH

“I like pretty high quality fishing gear (who doesn’t). I can’t believe my luck in stumbling onto Rumblefish. Just bought a Staford Graphite rod (usually around $100 for this model everywhere else) for $45. I put a Mitchel Evorunner 300 with it (which Amazon wanted $44 for) for which I paid $25. So for a total of $89 including shippng I got rig that would normally cost me about $145.”

September 20, 2017
From Lisa Spenser

“This is Lisa Spencer. I wanted to tell you personally I bought a really nice rod and a pair of new pliers. Prices were incredible, shipment came in no problem, and I even got a thank you email. Nice job Rumblefish.”

September 19, 2017
From Joe Lombardo, NY

Rumbelefish Outlet. Who the hell are these guys? Unbelievabe deals, and I know deals when I see them. Based on experience you usually only find deals like this if the stuff fell of the back of a delivery truck, if you know what I mean. I even called the guy to make sure they were legit before I ordered. He even sent me some photos of their warehouse. It was just like he said, they had hundreds of some things, and just a couple of others. I think they got a good thing going here. Can’t say no to the prices.”

October 11, 2017
From Bill Madison, IN

“I’m Bill Madison, avid fisherman. Just had to let you guys know, your prices blow everyone’s socks off. Got some great stuff dirt cheap. You can bet I’ll be checking your site often for deals.”
Thanks guys, keep it up.”

October 6, 2017
From Jim Wehrheim WI

“Just opened the boxes from Rumblefish Tackle Outlet. The prices were so low I was a little worried just exactly what you would get, but I got exactly what I ordered and it was exactly as described. Rod, Reel, Line, and some plastic lures. This was juch better stuff than I usually buy and fish with, but the prices are exactly as they advertise – Outrageously low. Goodby Wallmart, Hello Rumblefish.”

October 1, 2017
From Gardner McKay, FL

“I live close to the beach and I do mostly surf fishing and have for many years. I needed to replace some tackle so was looking around and was going to pick up a Penn Spinfisher 4500, They’re usually around $159 online. Then I found Penn was having a sale on their website for $127.99 – a really good deal. But as luck would have it I was enjoying a thirst quenching beverage at a local spot and talking to the friendly bartender who told me to checkout Rumblefish. I did and saved another $30. I think I owe him a big tip next visit.”

September 25, 2017
From Margory Lord, TX

“My grandson now has a great fondness for bass fishing. I told him I would buy him a nice rod and reel for his birthday. Just tell me what to get. He spent weeks researching online. Bless his heart, but he found Rumblefish TacklebOutlet and I ended up paying about half of what I expected to.”

September 10, 2017

“Hey Rumblefish, Robert Kowalski here. Just a quick email thank you for unbelievable prices and great service. I’m a fan. You can bet I’ll be back.”

September 5, 2017
From Joy Hansen, CA

My hysband and I run a fishing guide service, One of our challenges is providing good quality tackle that our clients will feel good about using, but, of course, we need to do that in an affordable price range. That’s often a challenge. Then one day we get an email ad from Rumblefish Tackle Outlet. I’d never heard of them. Went to their website, looked pretty good and their prices were incredible. We’ve actually upgraded our tackle now and paying way less than we did before. I do have to warren you though, If you see something you like, buy it. They don’t alwyas have a lot of each item. I waited a day too long before I tried to buy something last week, and lost out on an “outrageous” deal.




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